Hi everyone! – I’m Lauren, a twenty-something, wife, homeowner, dog mum and food lover trying to create the life I’ve dreamed off by having the time and financial freedom to do so!

The idea of how my life would pan out has changed numerous times. I always thought i’d go to university, get my degree, get a job and that would be my life until I was at retirement age! Now, personally, I couldn’t think of anything worse. We are told from a young age this is how life is supposed to be, this is what everyone does. But in 2020 we have so many more pathways to take, and those pathways spilt into different pathways and those pathways do the same. We do not live on this linar road anymore. So, this is why I decided that I wanted to try something new. Get out of my comfort zone and change those ‘rules’ we always had to live by. To have time with my family & friends, time with my children (when I have them). Time with my husband and my pup are my top priorities in life and from week to week I struggle to do this. To be able to treat all of the above not just for birthdays and Christmas, to go away whenever we like, see the world, to treat myself on those days where you feel like you need a whole body recharge. All of these are my goals & unfortunately my 9-5 isn’t going to get me there. Hence, this.. stepping out of my comfort zone, trying something new, pushing through the negative comments for not following the ‘norm’ & finding self motivation to have the life I have always wanted. After all, nothing good ever comes from staying in your comfort zone.