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Hiiii I'm Lauren, a twenty-something, wife, homeowner, dog mum and food lover creating the life I've dreamt of by giving myself the time and financial freedom to do so!

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The Skinny Food Co.

As if starting a new venture, creating a new website & growing my network isn't exciting enough I have just partnered with The Skinny Food Co! They have some amazing products including sauces, salad dressings, sweet treats and my personal favourite skinny syrups! Everyone who knows me knows that I have a very sweet tooth so these are perfect to have in my coffee & on my pancakes! Even better that they are all zero calorie, zero sugar & 100% guilt free! Click the link below to go straight to their website & if you purchase anything let me know what you think! Enjoy!


Results Testimonials

"I have IBS & coeliac. My coeliac and IBS have always been hard to control especially. However the drinks 1000% help me not to bloat and I can see such a difference when I take them. The Immune Boost and MORE Detox I take every day to protect my coeliac. As if an accidental cross contamination was to happen out for a meal and something that is out of my control. I know my body is protected with these products and have found these two both to help protect me more. The drinks are absolutely amazing & have noticed a huge difference in my pains and bloating."

J, 20-30, Juice, Immune boost & Detox drops, May 2020

"I lost 7lbs in one week and OMG I sleep amazing! I suffer with chronic fatigue and waking up not feeling refreshed but this helps so much!!!"

G, 30-40, Hiburn, April 2020

"Bloating - GONE, Cramps - GONE, Cravings - LESS, Sleep - BETTER, Energy - INCREASED. Wouldn't be without them now!'

L, 20-30, Juice & Hiburn, April 2020

Since taking the coffee product i've found it helps me sleep better, have more energy during the day, and suppresses my appetite. I've managed to lose 8 pounds in the 4 weeks i've been taking it.

C, 20-30, Coffee, April 2020

"I will not ever be without my Immune Boost. It has helped me sleep, regulate my sleeping pattern & I always wake up feeling refreshed. I have more energy in the day & get stuck into things forgetting what the time is, before I would need to rest during the day & often nap!"

F, 70-75, Immune Boost, April 2020

"Morning huni, sleeping is a lot better. I’ve only had 2 bad nights sleep since taking it, which is great for me xxxx"

F, 30-40, Hiburn, June 2020